An adequate and qualitative protection of Personal Data is the basic priority of MS Online Trading LTD. Therefore all the websites, owned by our company,  guarantee a transparence regarding the information for the Personal Data. That’s the reason we have strictly defined policy, which determines how your Personal data will be processed and protected.

Information about the company, that processes your Data:

Bulgarian Company MS Online Trading LTD is an operator of the Personal Data, provided by you,  and it is responsible for it according the relevant law for Personal Data protection.

Company’s data:

MS Online Trading Ltd.

Complex “Serdika” bl.18 entr. B, ap.34



Trade Registry of Republic of Bulgaria

Registry Number: 204043848

Authorised representative: Martin Stefkov Stefanov

Registry VAT Number: :BG204043848

Where we store your Persanal Data?

The Personal Data -collected from you we store within The European Economic Area (EEA). Each case of eventual transfer of your Personal data will be performed as per the applicable laws.

Who has an access to your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data may be shared only within MS Online Trading LTD and with our logistic partners with purpose to deliver the ordered products.

We never transfer, sell or exchange your Personal Data for marketing purposes to third parties. The Data resent to third parties is used only for performing our services. The meanings  ‘third parties’and

the methods of your Data sharing & processing are indicated below.

What is the legal basis for the processing of Personal Data?

For each actual processing of Personal Data, collected from you, we shall inform you if the providing of Personal Data is required by the law, or it is necessary for concluding a contract and whether you are obliged to provide Personal Data and the eventual consequences if your decision is not to provide it.

What are your rights regarding the Personal Data?

-Right for access:

 At any time you have the right to request information about your Personal Data, that we store.

You may use the created section on the website

-Right for portability:

In the cases when MS Online Trading processes your Data in automatic method based on your consent

or based on an agreement, you have the right to receive a copy of your Personal Data in structured, common used and suitable for machine reading format, transferred to you or third party.

-Right for correction:

You have the right to require a correction of your Personal Data if they are incorrect, including to add to incomplete Personal Data. In case you have a registered profile on the website you may edit your Personal Data in your profile on the web. If you have purchased from the website as a guest, it is necessary to contact us on e-mail:

-Right to delete

 You have the right at any time to delete all your Personal Data, processed by MS Online Trading LTD, except for the following occasions:

*you have due outstang payment to MS Online Trading LTD, irrespectively payment method;

*presently you are in communication process with our Customers service about solving a definite issue;

*you have ‘open’ order, which is not shipped or partly shipped;

*you are suspected for illegal activity or already illegal activity performed on our services during the last 4 /four/ years;

*if you have created an order, we will keep the Personal Data for your bank transaction according the fiscal rules.

-Right to object against the processing based on legitimate interest:

You have the right to object against your Personal Data processing based on legitimate interest of MS Online Trading LTD. MS Online Trading LTD will not proceed with your Personal Data processing, except it is not proved that convincing law reasons exist for it and they are with priority to your interests and rights or due to lawsuit.

-Right to object against the direct marketing:

You have the right to object against receiving marketing messages, including with purpose for profiling and analisys of the direct marketing.

You may reject the direct marketing by the following methods:

*if you proceed with the instructions in each message sent with marketing purpose;

*f you edit the settings in your profile on the site

-Right for restriction:

You have the right to request MS Online Trading LTD to cease processing your Personal data under following circumstances:

-in case you object against processing based on legitimate interest of MS Online Trading LTD, we will restrict the Data processing expecting the check result of the law grounds.

-if you claim your Personal Data is incomplete ,MS Online Trading LTD we will restrict the Data processing expecting the check result of  the Data accuracy;

-if the processing is illegal, you may object against the deletion of Personal Data and instead of that you may require a restriction of their usage.

-if MS Online Trading LTD does not need your Personal Data any more, but same are necessary for you to execute or protect juridical claims.

How you may execute your rights?

MS Online Trading LTD treats seriously the protection of the Personal Data, therefore we have Customer service team, who process your orders concerning abovementioned rights. You can contact them on e-mail:

Responsible person for Data protection:

We have nominated a person in charge about Personal Data protection to guarantee that your Data will be processed in clear, correct and legal way. You may contact our person responsible for the Personal Data protection on e-mail:    with a title ‘Protection of Personal data’.

-Right to lodge a complaint to Supervisory authority:

If you consider  MS Online Trading LTD processes the Personal data incorrectly, you may contact us. Also you are in right to lodge a complaint to the Supervisory authority.

Supervisory Authority:

Name: Commission for Personal Data protection

Address of registry: 2, blvd. “Prof. Zvetan Lazarov”, 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria

Address for communication: : 2, blvd. “Prof. Zvetan Lazarov”, 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone:+359 2 9153518


Update of our Privacy Policy

It is possible to update our Privacy Policy. The new updated version is always accessible on the website. For all important changes of the policy you will be on time informed by e-mail.

Last update: 16.05.2018


Automatic modul for receipt of information as per GDPR

1.       Form for withdraw of consent for processing purposes.

2.       Request for “to be forgotten”- to be deleted My Personal Data

3.       Request for Data portability

4.       Request for Data correction.